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Game Rules

The administration of OxygenOT reserves the authority to intervene in cases of disruptive behavior within the game, on the official website, or any other platform associated with our services. Such behaviors encompass, but are not restricted to, the following infractions:

Naming Protocol:
a) Use of names denoting official positions (e.g., "System Admin," "Admin," "Gamemaster").
b) Utilization of names expressing religious beliefs.
c) Promotion, incitement, announcement, or implication of a violation of Oxygen's rules.
d) Advertisement of other servers or games.
e) Expression of racism, sexism, or homophobia in any form.

Cheating & Abuse:
a) Exploitation of obvious game errors ("bugs") without reporting them to the Gamemaster immediately.
b) Intentional obstruction of protection zones by placing unwalkable items to trap or block players.
c) Attempting to acquire other players' account data ("hacking").
d) Engagement in multi-character killing using the same IP address, resulting in automatic incarceration without exceptions.

Verbal Conduct:
a) Disparaging remarks concerning someone's religious beliefs.
b) Expression of racism, sexism, or homophobia, which will not be tolerated.
c) Disclosure of personal data of other players, in accordance with GDPR regulations.
d) Statements endorsing, inciting, or implying rule violations.
e) Advertisement of other servers.

Gamemaster Interactions:
a) Threatening or intimidating a Gamemaster due to their actions or position.
b) Impersonating a Gamemaster or falsely claiming influence over their decisions.
c) Providing incorrect or misleading information to a Gamemaster or making false reports about rule violations.

Donations Policy:
- Donations are intended to support the game server; they do not entail the sale of items.
- Donations are non-refundable.
- False donation refunds may result in account banishment.
- All in-game transactions are logged.

Violation of the OxygenOT Game Rules may result in temporary character or account suspension. In severe cases, penalties may include the modification or removal of character attributes and belongings, as well as permanent account deletion without compensation. The severity of sanctions is contingent upon the seriousness of the violation and the player's past record, as determined by the administering Gamemaster.

Please note that rules are subject to change, and any modifications will be communicated via the official website.

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