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21 Jun 2024

We moved to a better host with better specs starting from now.
Restart your client to make it work smoothly.

2 May 2024

All donations during the BETA will be returned back to your accounts in the official release.
You can donate from HERE.

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13.7.2024 by Mohamed News Icon Changelog - S8 1.5

[13.07.2024] Changelog - S8 1.5

  • Added 9 new weapons to NPC Omrabas for copper tokens. (Check items stats on wiki)
  • Added 12 new items obtained from new bosses, quests and hidden quests.
  • Added 3 new bosses in the new 2k area spawns. (Check bosses page on wiki)
  • Added 2 new quests "Frostbite, Nightshade". (Check quests page on wiki)
  • New bosses and quests will be opened for players soon.
  • Added new command !weaponaoe to enable/disable your weapon aoe damage.
  • Added copper token as loot from certain bosses. (Check bosses page on wiki)
  • Added 2 new areas in the town with bigger houses.
  • Remapped the 3 guild houses, updated the forum thread to bid on them.
  • Added the ability to talk and trade with npc with one click on him. (Attack the NPC)
  • Fixed reported map bugs.
  • Minimap updated on website and client.
  • Updated client to version 2.3.0, Please update it to avoid any issues.

7.7.2024 by Mohamed News Icon Changelog - S8 1.4

[07.07.2024] Changelog - S8 1.4

  • Added 11 new items to tokens shop. (You can find all details in the shop or website)
  • Fixed an issue was causing that damage reduction not fully working when you get damage on your health.
  • Fixed an issue that you may die while you are on mana shield and still have mana.
  • Removed gold tokens and boss eggs from loot of INQ quest and rings quest bosses.
  • Fixed reported map bugs.
  • Updated client to version 2.2.9, Please update it to avoid any issues.

6.7.2024 by Mohamed News Icon Changelog - S8 1.3

[06.07.2024] Changelog - S8 1.3

  • Added 8 new spells [4 spells aoe damage level 2250+ and 4 spells single damage level 2700]
  • Fixed an issue with vBot when detecting the vocation.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

6.7.2024 by Mohamed News Icon 3 Guild Houses for Sale!

Hello everyone,

We recently added three large houses to our game server, which can be designated as guild houses. These properties will be auctioned off to guild leaders, with the highest bid winning the sale.

Let me give you more details:

  • Astral Guildhouse
    • Minimum bid: 100 silver tokens.
  • Umbral Guildhouse
    • Minimum bid: 100 silver tokens.
  • Neutral Guildhouse
    • Minimum bid: 100 silver tokens.

To participate in the auction for the newly added guild houses, please note the following rules:

  • Only guild leaders are eligible to bid.
  • Submit your bid by replying to this post.
  • If you wish to increase your bid, do not edit your original post. Instead, submit a new post with your higher bid.
  • The highest bid at the end of the auction period will win.
  • Any posts submitted even one second after the auction deadline will be disregarded.
  • Posts that do not adhere to these rules will be disregarded.

To place a bid, follow these instructions:

  • Write the price (your bid) and the house name in your post.
    • Example: Dragons house, 500 silver tokens.

The auction ends on Tuesday at 8:00:00 GMT.

Good luck!

5.7.2024 by Mohamed News Icon Changelog - S8 1.2

[05.07.2024] Changelog - S8 1.2

  • Upgrade system changes applied as we announced before. (No more lose all levels if you fail, success rates adjusted, extra success rate removed from giant rubies, ability to lose 1 level if you fail still exist as it is)
  • Giant emerald price increased to be 15 gold tokens instead of 10, Giant ruby price increased to be 250 premium points instead of 200 premium points.
  • Added Bosses channel to be able to see bosses announcements.
  • Added new houses south of the town. (3 guild houses will go for the highest bid)
  • Duplicated Ferumbras, Demon, Orshabaal spawns.
  • Son of Fire boss area is bigger now.
  • Annihilon daily task nerfed to be 50 kills instead of 100 and will be assigned to players with level 1500+
  • Special boss event will allow only 1 player per ip to enter the teleport.
  • Fixed reported map bugs.
  • Updated minimap on the client and website.

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